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End of Summer Campfire Cones

Published on 2014-08-12  |  Posted in Entertaining, Fun Snack Ideas, Kid Friendly Recipes, Movie/Family Night, Party Snack Ideas

  • End of Summer Campfire Cones

While summer may be coming to an end, fun nights sitting around the campfire do not have to. Whether you prefer to tell scary stories or simply snuggle up with your favorite person, family campfires are the perfect place to enjoy a snack under the summer stars. One of our favorite family campfire snacks utilizes all of the leftover ingredients from a traditional ice cream cone dessert and is easy enough for the kids to make.


Campfire cones feature the same cones used for your favorite frozen dessert, but instead of quick melting ice cream, these cones are topped with marshmallows, popcorn and Kernel Season’s! And don’t worry if your backyard isn’t equipped with a campfire or fire pit, campfire cones can be made over the grill.


A fun and unique twist on the ice cream cone and s’more treat, make campfire cones at your next barbeque, pool party or children’s birthday celebration. Simply modify and customize mix-ins to suit your crowd.

Kernel Season's campfire cones filled with treats and sweet seasoning 


Large ice cream cones (waffle, wafer or sugar)

Small marshmallows (store-bought or homemade)

Kernel Season’s Milk Chocolate Caramel or Caramel Popcorn Seasoning flavors


Suggested mix-in ingredients:

Mini cookies

Freshly popped popcorn

Peanut butter chips

Chocolate chips

Swiss roll cakes


Caramel pieces



Aluminum foil


Oven mitt

Grill or campfire

Grill grate if using fire/fire pit


Fill your ice cream cone with mini marshmallows, fresh popcorn and various mix-ins. Sprinkle Kernel Season’s Milk Chocolate Caramel or Caramel seasoning in between each layer of sweets. Get the kids involved by allowing them to select their ingredients and fill the cones.

Choose your favorite dessert ingredients to mix in your campfire cones 

Once the cones have been filled and seasoned, wrap them well with aluminum foil. Next, start the campfire or heat your grill (kids ask an adult for help with this step). If cooking over an open fire, wait until flames have settled a bit.


Then place the cones on a grill grate and hold near the open flames if using a campfire. Do not place cones directly over flames, as they only need to be warmed and melted slightly, not cooked through.

Warm campfire cones over a fire or on the grill

Warm campfire cones for about 5-10 minutes, turning over with tongs halfway through. Keep in mind, the intensity of the grill or fire pit can affect cooking times, so you may want to do a trial run first. Once the cones have been heated through, carefully remove aluminum foil with an oven mitt and enjoy!

Campfire cones are fun to make and eat with the family



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