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Family Movie Night DIY Ultimate Popcorn Bar

Published on 2014-07-24  |  Posted in DIY, Entertaining, Fun Snack Ideas, Kid Friendly Recipes, Movie/Family Night, Party Snack Ideas

  • Family Movie Night DIY Ultimate Popcorn Bar

Kernel Season’s Ultimate Popcorn Bar is easy to set up and so much fun to make, the kids will be begging for family movie night every night! A must-have for movie night at home, the Ultimate Popcorn Bar is also a great addition to any birthday party or summer BBQ. Just feature the guest of honor’s favorite movie treats or a sampling of everyone’s go-to snacks. To jazz up the popcorn bar, choose a color scheme, add some fun bowls and make sure there is plenty of popcorn to go around.


For our Kernel Season’s popcorn bar, we included a spread of black and red themed sweet and salty add-ins along with a collection of cheesy, sweet, savory and spicy popcorn seasonings to shake up everyone’s popcorn flavor.

Black and Red Candy for the PopcornRed and Black Themed Treats

Ingredients: (add and remove ingredients to fit your family’s snacking preferences)


Roasted red pepper goat cheese

Red potato chips

Black bean tortilla chips


Red and black candy

Glass bottles of soda pop

Variety of Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning flavors

Kernel Season’s Premium Popping Corn

Kernel Season’s Popping Oil

Kernel Season’s Butter Spritzer





Large bowls for popcorn

Paper favor bags

Vintage strainers

Colorful snack tins

Cake stands


Cupcake liners


Set up a table with a tablecloth. Place various tins, cake stands, ramekins and strainers along the tabletop.


Dice pepperoni and remove other ingredients from packaging. Pop popcorn kernels by pouring one layer onto the bottom of an unheated oil coated pot. Turn heat to medium and once the first couple of kernels pop, place a lid on the pot and shake it from side to side over the heat. Kernels will begin to pop. Remove pot from heat once popping slows down.

Popcorn Mixes

Fill bowls, ramekins, tins and cupcake liners with candy, snack food, popcorn and whatever other goodies your guests will enjoy.

Kernel Season's Ultimate Popcorn BarPotato chips for the popcorn bar

Season’s Popcorn Seasoning and Butter Spritzer (to help the seasoning adhere to the popcorn better) in front of the popcorn bowls. Add scoops and serving spoons. Place paper favor bags ina bucket for serving and mixing popcorn. Line up several glass bottles of soda pop.

Fill bowls with chips and arrange soda pop on the popcorn bar 

To make your ultimate popcorn bar even more kid-friendly, allow the little ones to take part in the ingredient selection process. Ask them to help set up the table and carefully fill containers.

Ultimate Popcorn Bar



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